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Professional Installation Services With Online GPS Tracking Platform

Welcome to abbotrack GPS tracking services. We provide a professional GPS tracking service for many different objects and uses. We are specialist Installers sellers for all different aspects of GPS tracking systems and services. Our tracking services allows you or your company to have fleet tracking and management of all your vehicles and employees. We enable you to track objects / people in real time, dynamically view historical tracks over a 90 day period. Our software will notify you about events that require your immediate attention and enable you to generate various group reports in many different formats. Our GPS tracking software and devices have email notifications, on screen alerts with many more useful features.We provide GPS tracking systems and services for many different applications. We offer a professional Installation service using only experienced and competent engineers. We offer excellent customer service and have a 24hr technical department on hand as and when required. Our software is very user friendly and works with all types of operating systems that have internet access. The software we provide has an intuitive user interface and has been developed and proven to communicate with a wide variety of GPS tracking devices including smart mobile phones and tablets. If you already have GPS tracking devices installed or in need of assistance in getting setup, get in touch with us or visit our support page for some useful tips on how to get started. You will be impressed by our services and competitive prices we have to offer. Similarly, if you have already bought your own GPS tracking device/s and are not quite sure where to go next, don't worry, you have come to the right place. We offer full technical support and advice no matter who you are or what your circumstances are. Our GPS tracking platform works with many different GPS tracking devices, so if you are thinking of buying one or already own one or more devices and are just simply looking for a online GPS tracking platform to use them on, look no further. You can see which GPS tracking devices are supported by our online platform here.  We offer full installation of GPS tracking systems from lower end specs to higher end specs of GPS tracking systems. The specification level depends on the information required. We also provide a powerful an online GPS tracking platform were the end user can see all their GPS tracking device objects at their locations in real time. Full training and technical support is also provided. For further information regarding our services please Contact us.

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Reasons to use a GPS tracking device:

Stolen Vehicle Recovery

Fleet & Rental Vehicles

Plant Machinery

Agricultural Machines

Prevent Loss of Pet

Location of OAPs

Tracking of Smartphones

Track any smart phone using our FREE GPS tracking apps below